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Purpose and Rules

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Fri Oct 18, 2019 7:25 pm


We saw forums pretty much die with the increase in usage of Social Media. Then we saw Social Media become a place to argue with your best friend's neighbor's veterinarian's daughter's teacher's grandmother about politics. And let's face it, social media sites are horrible for planning events: You have to join the event to see any information about it which means you have to join multiple things and then algorithms drop those you aren't following off and it's a big old mess. And now you get 10 ads for every update you see.

Get off my lawn.

So I created this forum, based off of the old BBS and Scootrally to maybe serve as a central place for managing rallies and classifieds. If you want to keep up with rally information, you can do it right here.

I moved the Rally section to the top to facilitate this. If nothing else here is used, let's use the rally section.


If you can't tell from the name, this place isn't meant to be taken seriously. Thanks to Will, who also hates AJ's guts, for the name.


One thing that divides everyone are distinctly political bickering posts, so there is no political forum on Skirtbikes. I understand people like to discuss current events, there is a Cocktail Forum for that type of conversation but please keep the distinctly "look what this party did!" "Look what that party did!" posts to 0.

Outrage of the Day and Everything Offends Me

This isn't a place for your outrage of the day style posting. If you don't like a topic people are discussing, move on to a different thread. If someone uses a word or phrase you don't like, go to their profile and put them on ignore.

Nudity and Photos:

No nudes. While I, too, long for the days of seeing delicious jublies on scoot dot net, times have changed.

Don't intentionally post porn. Keep it PG-13/R related.

If you post rally photos, have permission of the people in the photos.


Assume everything here is NSFW. Don't get outraged that someone didn't label something NSFW and you opened it at work and Tom in Accounting saw it and filed a complaint. It's a fucking scooter forum. If you're that concerned about what you're viewing at work save browsing the forum for when you get home.