CORSA: IFP, what's in a name?

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CORSA: IFP, what's in a name?

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Mon Dec 09, 2019 1:55 pm

A question was recently asked: What does IFP stand for/mean?

Back in 2008/9 when a group of us were discussing creating a new race for vintage-only scooters there was a lot of talk about the rules, what we wanted the race to be (it was initially envisioned as a 6-day trials style event with 1 day of trials (wrenching, skill riding within a timeframe, obstacles, etc) and 1 day of racing on a closed course, total number of laps in a set period was the winner) but little discussion of what to name it.

Finally a couple of us had settled on CORSA (Italian for race) but there are a lot of things using CORSA out there so we wanted to add something to it.

Finally Heytens, who hates discussing things over and over, said "I don't care what you call your Italian Fancy Pants race, I just want to ride" and to Italian Fancy Pants (IFP) stuck.


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